Vernon Davis holds #Artfor85 Competition

In need of a new cover photo, Vernon Davis turned to his fans for help.

Photo: @MercedesHawk

By AJ Curry

Vernon Davis is an art connoisseur. He is an artist himself, his foundation supports art education, and he owns his own Gallery, Gallery 85, in San Francisco. So when looking for a new cover photo, it only makes sense he would take to Twitter and ask his fans if they had any original art he could use.


  And his fans were more than happy to help, submitting a variety of incredible art. From paintings, to sketches, to cookies, to photoshop edits, Davis’ #artfor85 competition received tons of submissions. On Tuesday evening, Davis finally announced a winner:


Congrats Mercedes! The other #Artfor85  submissions still have the honor of being recognized by Davis on his website, check out his photo gallery:  http://sprts.is/artfor85