Pro Athletes Taking Control of Their Own Brand Destiny With Vernon Davis

Lessons from SXSW Sports.

At SXSW, Anthony Rodriguez (CEO Lineage Interactive) declared: “These are not athletes, they are CEOs,” in a superb SXSports panel called ‘Pro Athletes Taking Control of the Their Brand Destiny’.

Superbowl 50 champion Vernon Davis added that he was reading ‘business books as well as playbooks’ these days. The Denver Broncos tight end also insists on spending a day with the CEO of a prospective new partner to check they are congruent with his ‘brand’.

Davis has wedded himself to a health conscious lifestyle. It has meant he has turned down offers from burger chains despite “offering equity and something up front”. But when he ‘buys-in’ it is total. He used the money he made from a sponsorship with Jamba Juice to buy his own franchises in the smoothie-making outlet. He now has seven.

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